Reply To: Bev Maahs & Wolfy


Here is todays video for lesson 3-4. I did this inside, however this is a bunch of picked bits of 3 sessions.
First, I was a little frustrated with Wolfy as he was more interested in picking the box or tin, to get his ball reward. This became a problem for me, as he was then just smashing the boxes with his paw. So, I decided that I would put the ball up high on the fridge, you can see him look there a few times. Finally, later tonight, I thought I would just hide a few in different places. I think he did very well finding them without any boxes. I also just used chicken for his reward instead of the ball. I think that earlier he was too aroused to really work at scenting.
His indication is a paw pulling to him mostly, hope that is a good indication for truffles.
Look forward to your feedback.