Reply To: Anthony Soldato & Zucca


Here are responses to last week’s questions.

If it was morning, raining, and the wind was blowing from the (work with us here!) left side of your picture, how would you approach finding a target located in the left 1/3rd of that photo?

If the wind was coming from the left side of the picture, I would start by tracking from the right side of the picture, I would work either perpendicular into the wind with the dog.

What if it was early fall, hot out (say 72 F or 20 C), late afternoon, how would you approach the same scenario with a target on the left, with the wind coming from the left.

If the weather was warm, the odor would likely be closer to the ground especially in the afternoon (when it is likely warmer). I would use a similar approach and move perpendicular (back and forth) from right to left.