Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment

Alana McGee


Comments on Annie Ingersoll & Dottie #5124

True. Rolling the tea balls did encourage excitement but during an imprinting session this is ok. We do want the dogs to be eager to play the game. Annie likely only did this once (which was sufficient to imprint). The other reason it is a good game to play is that it will give Annie a tool in her toolbox to deal with situations in the forest that create an unexpected disruption in truffle hunting. For example, last month Da Vinci and I came into an area where something very large was rustling in the bushes (likely a bear). This exact game gave me a perfect tool to re-establish connection with him, rapidly generate a success, change his state by engaging his nose, and calmly leave the area without it being a big deal for either of us. As you become more experienced with truffle hunting in the forest, you will start to see where all of these small foundation exercises become extremely valuable in an unpredictable environment.

Great suggestion about the bucket!!! We will pass that along.