Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment

Alana McGee


Comments on Riley Starks & Stella #5399

Correct. Timing is off but he does improve. Good eye. We do agree that ideally the cat would be kept out of the search area. That is a valid recommendation (feasible or not). Yes, Stella does a magnificent job of remaining focused.

Riley seems to be offering an appropriate amount of verbal encouragement and Stella likes it right now so we would recommend filing that thought to be brought up later if it becomes an issue. It’s a great observation to note with students and worth keeping in the back of your mind should it seem to start interfering with the search. At this point, it’s not a problem.

Absolutely! Luring Stella away and resetting the tins would be easier on Riley and offer more challenge to Stella. He does a nice job of making this work but will need to lure her away (preferably a lure with cookie in hand before tossing) as they progress.

Well done.