Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu

Alana McGee

Mary this looks good. No real complaints. This is MUCH better on the clicks/ alerts per Kristin’s previous comments. Notice how he is now showing you the truffle 😉 Great energy entering the scenario.

On the first hide what you clicked was his nose touch on the target. Whether that was intentional or not based on your comments, we may not be certain, but we’d say it is a decent choice to make in this scenario as we want to provide information that he is indeed correct after several less accurate attempts at nearby boxes. The re-alerts are very well done with timing actually as you are marking his pushing it with his nose. Again, great. This will be helpful for actual buried truffles eventually. 0:43- nice moving the extraneous box out of the way slightly to help his (and your) precision and set you both up for success- him with accuracy, you with timing so you aren’t accidentally marking him hitting the other box.

Love how he is gentle and lays down as a secondary alert. He is laid back, just like his daddy. It is genuinely laid back, not unconfident we think, which the two can look very similar sometimes, but we can see that he enjoys this.

You do a nice job of re-cuing him to re engage after the first find. It’s a nice transition. Notice how he is lazer like focused on you, waiting for more information. In this case, there is more game to play, and you cue him to do that, very nicely. Just something to note. You can tell he’s had other trick/ play training, and over time (you do a good job here) we want to build confidence in the independence of searching (you can see it a little at the end of the video). I am sure you can notice even now, he has a different style than Lola.

You do a decent job on the set around 1:20 as he roots around for odor, clicking and marking the moment he is nose on the target. Notice how he shuffles back a bit so he can nose target on it. Clever boy. This is a big improvement from last week.

A few things:
Stay engaged with him as you exit the scenario- we can’t see everything that happens right after you turn off the camera, perhaps you play with him a bit here. He’s still focused on you as you put things away, turn off camera, and we’d like to see your ending. What happens after the session is done? Partly because he is so focused on you, we want to see the shift from the end of the game.

He looks what starts to be a bit of an independent investigation after you walk away, which is great, he’s checking for odor in absence of cues from you. Just something to note.

If you can, next time show us the end to your sequence as well.

Also we’d be curious to see what happens when you open up those boxes after the re-alerts. Will he alert on it again, or use his nose inside it?

You’re doing great, and this looks really nice, we definitely think you can progress to more complicated hides.

His coat looks so incredibly touchable!

Well done team.