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Lesson 2 Assignment – Photos of locations to train

This location is a large field on a graduating hill with a wood on the left hand side. It is not used by the general public and is largely unused by the farmer.
Scenario 1 – morning visit – raining and wind coming from the left
I would work from right to left so we were working a mixture of perpendicular or directly into the wind ensuring that Millie has the best opportunity to pick up the odour and that I am not fouling the area with my scent. As it is damp there should be more odour in the air however, obstacles would be the wind hitting the wood and spreading the odour or pooling it in amongst the trees. As it is a graduated hill there will be areas where the odour will gather on the hill itself. All of these will make it a little more difficult for Millie to identify the exact source.
Scenario 2
If it was late afternoon and hot I would likely work from the top of the hill still prependicular and/or inot the wind and work downhill as the odour will have risen.

This second area is in a wood in a country park. This will tend to have more footfall on the path that lies to the side of the wood so I nedd to take that into account when searching.
Scenario 1
I would try to work from right to left working into the wind – the trees are tighter here and not as open to the impact of the wind but it will still spread and pool to a degree. The area between the trees is tighter so will be more difficult for Millie and I will need to be aware of where I am in relation to the wind as it is a more difficult area to navigate. The moiture will have created more odour so that should provide encouragement to Millie to keep searching for the source.
Scenario 2
The heat doesn’t penetrate this area as much so will not have as big an impact as it does in Location one so although the odour will rise I would not expect it to rise as much. I would work perpendicular and/or into the wind from right to left as much as I can.

Final location is similar to the first but is not on a hill but behind the trees is an open field which would be a consideration iif the wind was coming from that direction.
Scenario 1
This area is slightly easier as there is little tree cover on the left so the wind would carry the scent without hitting too many obstacles except one into the treeline but there are only a few trees at that point. For the most part it is open and I would work from right to left perepndicular and/or directly into the wind as needed.
Scenario 2
The heat would cause the scent to rise here and make it quite difficult for Millie. I would be tempted to give it a go but if she was struggling I would stop and come back the next morning!