Reply To: Curt Leitz & Mo

Alana McGee

Those photos look great!

In the first one beware of the hill is all in understanding how to approach your outdoor scenarios. Pay attention to where the wind is coming from.

Your analysis of the situation for both weather conditions is absolutely correct. Nicely done. Hills change things 😉

The second photo is great too. When you begin in this area though, as it is more complex than the first, keep your area you are working in limited. Different days you can practice in slightly different sections, but guide Mo to the intended search area. It’s a great location with lots of different features, but that also means you don’t want to start too big and try to cover too much at once. We’ll cover it once we start doing outdoor work, but you might want to start taking Mo there now if you haven’t so he can become used to the sights and smells of the area.

3rd photo is also good for more advanced scenarios. Again keep areas small as all that undergrowth- while low- still impacts how scent moves. Again, we’d suggest taking Mo here to just walk around so he gets comfortable.

You are correct about plumes here, unlikely except at the edges if it opens up. That thicker undergrowth in the far back we’d avoid. That will be exceptionally hard to move through, for both of you.