Reply To: Curt Leitz & Mo

Alana McGee

Hi Curt.

Sorry for delay- didn’t see it!

Anyway here is your video analysis.

REALLY GOOD. Yay! That first alert sequence was awesome on all accounts! We like the fact he keeps his foot there. You’re right he puts a foot on and then looks to you. It is very nice and controlled. Impressive for such a young pup! Don’t fret over the missed targets. What is nice is when Mo got to the end of the chain he immediately realized he hadn’t found criteria yet and so was looking for more clues- that’s when he saw the first container he bypassed originally out of excitement. Perfectly normal, and again very well done.

Good job delivering reward at source.

You are doing a great job, and we think the two separate rooms, while I know a bit more of a pain to set up, is beneficial. Even with added distractions and slippery floors.

What we would like to commend you on Curt is also your choice of when to accept lesser criteria in alerts. You seem to have a very good instinct for this. On the last set of hides, not that Mo was struggling, but he offered only a look alert and you chose to reward that. We think that was an excellent choice. You could have held out for longer we realized, but we still want to build confidence in the small pup, and because he had gone past a couple of times in this trial, that was an appropriate response to support him, and genuinely excitement on his re-alert. Well done. He is a sweet pup.