Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Alana,

Have moved on to grass area, at moment not cooking scents, hiding in the grass- not causing any probs.

I am thinking I’ll stay at this level for little while just so as to really start to get the alert working better, its coming along but needs much more work. Possibly do some blind targets so I look at Molly more for the alert rather than knowing she’s in the right area so get ready. What do you think?

In relation to your question about how the frozen truffle was doing after the long cooks- I threw it out. You can see at the end of the previous vid i’d been using a very small slither of truffle. this seemed to dry out , so got rid.

Have been doing quite a bit of giving the ball back a few times (training at least 2 times a day 15 mins each.) She still wants to hang on to it!!! A case of continuing along the same route? did think maybe reward giving the ball with food?

Worth noticing she is crittering very little, that area is covered by rabbits and she is paying very little attention to areas where scrapes have been dug. I’m taking that as she is really focusing on locating a single scent.

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