Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment


Annie Ingersoll & Dottie #5124

Great little dog!
Annie & Dottie have a really good relationship and it is obviosu they enjoy working together.
I think the rolling of thre tin at the outset increases Dottie’s excitement and encourages the pouncing and I would be tempted to try just quietly placing them. Once the boxes were placed although she still put her paws on them it wasn’t just quite as excited but being on the lead would curb some of that excitement too. I tmight be worth considering placing the boxes in small bickets so she has nothing to place her paws on but could perhaps be encouraged to place her head in to indicate the scent.

2:29 – really good indication of the scent

2:33 – 2:40 – Annie doesn’t start the session with “Good Girl” and Zucca completes a failry calm, controlled search! Would recommend that Annie keeps quiet to let Zucca search and only encourage if she is flagging but amps up on the find.

2:53 – I would suggest going over to reward the find rather than trying to enocurage the retrieve at this stage as it will continue the calm indication rather than exciting Zucca to try and retrieve the box.

Good job!