Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment


Riley Starks & Stella #5399

Stella is a lovely, happy keen little dog.

0:13 good indication by Stella but Riley was a little late in marking with the clicker however as he progresses his marking gets better and 0.33 was much better.

Whilst the cat is a great distraction I would be tempted to keep the area clean of big dtstractions until the team are a little more practiced however Stell was great at focuing on the task and was keen to keep going rather than play with the cat so good work!

Riley is keen to support Stella with verbal encouragement and they have a good relationship but I would perhaps rein in the temptation to continually encourage and let her work it out.

Nice short session which kept Stella’s enthusiasm and to make it a little more challenging for her I would suggest luring her away from the area with a well thrown treat to allow Riley some time to set the tins down so that Stella checks methodically.

Well done Riley and Stella – great start!