Reply To: Annie Ingersoll & Dottie


Well, the Week 3 exercises were definitely not our forte.

First, I want to apologize for the screeching dog in the background–that is Tuesday hearing and smelling what we are doing.

In this video, Dottie starts out really well, doing a methodical search through the “sippy cups” to find the one with odor. I was pretty tickled.

In the second rep, I try to elicit a repeated alert–but this isn’t as successful as I hoped. Would love to have some suggestions here.

In the third rep, she is confused. Spends a lot of time looking at me, and is mostly just kicking the cups around to see if that will result in a reward. Her understanding of “searching” through the cups seems to have been lost in this rep. She does indeed find the right cup, but it was not through a systematic search.

Then I removed the cup with odor, and put the odor in a different sippy cup. (I pulled the first cup that held odor out of the exercise to avoid confusion.) This was pretty much a disaster. No searching, lots of staring at me, seems to have really lost the understanding of the game. I would like to post video of this during week 4, even though it is a week 3 exercise because it is a good example of the wall we keep hitting, and I need guidance! I am just as confused as she is with how to proceed when we hit this wall. Maybe I should go back to a line of boxes (on leash) when this happens? Will be glad to get your input once I post that video.

Thanks Alana and Kristin!