Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment


Post 5214 – Gwen and Millie

Millie is constantly checking in with Gwen when they are walking down the line of boxes. I can see that space is tight in their lounge, however, it would be good to allow Millie the extension of the leash as it appears that pressure is applied, without intention. This is more apparent in the last run when Millie walks past the container with the truffle and unfortunately Gwen stops moving forward. The leash straightens out and Millie comes back due to the tightening of the leash rather than because she worked through the location of truffle process. I would suggest that if this happens again that Gwen continues to walk forward past the box and behind Millie, and then turn Millie around and run her back down the line. Gwen then misses out on an opportunity when Millie re presents but is encouraged away and there is no click or reward for this.

I would encourage more of Millie leading the search which is the reverse of the present. If Gwen continues to lead then Millie could become reliant on Gwen to show Millie where the truffles are, and better to prevent rather than correct later.

I would encourage her to continue a do this exercise a couple more times to work on a longer loose leash, Gwen following Millie during the search and Gwen feeding at source.

Gwen is spot on with her clicking and has corrected to feeding at source which is looking good. Gwen obviously has a great relationship with Millie and you can see Millie checking in with Gwen as they work. Great partnership and look forward to seeing more.