Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Alana,

Read this this morning put suggestions into today’s sessions…………Woweee have I been cramping this dogs style! Only had to pull her back in to the area once and even then I think she may have touched on a scent from quite a distance but lost it as she approached.

Scatter targets- Targets to left and right as well as ahead? Did this today in yard. Fine.
Today was a good scenting day weather a bit cooler and good breeze pushing through.

Tried the alert sequence went ok, will give a bash with food think that may help. She is absolutely desperate to have that ball, talk about drive!! Part of the reason she is moving away for target area is because she has the ,she wants it away from me I might take it back! you can see this as well whenever I try to take it from her.

Instantly re alerts if I take the ball back no prompting needed.

So many questions……..
I have been trying to cook scents wherever possible, and mix up the size of the targets do I need to worry about this too much?

Up until now I have tried to avoid using the same area more than once during a session. IE woulkd use left hand side of yard for first run. Then replace targets on right and go again. Is this an unnecessary precaution?
Should I discourage Molly from digging? I’m 100% that if she hits on a buried scent she would try to dig and find a little silver tin. Would this damage any truffles that are close to surface.

Think that will do for now! I will post a vid tomorrow showing close up on alerts and new improved free flowing hunting

0.25 in Vid answering the call of nature.