Reply To: Bev Maahs & Wolfy


I have uploaded two pictures, these are examples of the forest area here on the Island. This is also a park and not good for truffle hunting, but examples of what you can see here. There are apparently some old Garry Oak growths left on the Island small areas left, but fairly rare. As for an orchard I have not been to one that is used for truffles yet. It is at this time very dry here as we have not had rain in almost 2 months, and we live in a rainforest…well a northern one anyway. Wind here in these trees, usually needs to be fairly strong, to make a difference on the surfaces deeper into the trees. In the rainy season this certainly would be good as the scent tends to stay close to the ground then. From what I understand. The park behind my house has some old growth cedars and fir, which is cool, but not as large as some of the ones in Cathedral grove.