Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment


I am commenting on post 5418, Tim and Molly.

1st target: Tim’s click is a little late. When Molly sits and the camera turns off, I’m curious is Molly began searching again on her own or with a cue from Tim, this would be a good part of the film to leave in as it helps make a accurate assessment. I like that Molly needs no verbal cue to continue working after the ball is removed. Great sign of a dog that is eager to have a job and enjoys the game.
2nd Target: It looks like Molly may have been back tracking a source when Tim motions her back. Molly needs to be able to go backwards sometimes, it’s her process of elimination and a part of her alert chain, very important, especially on breezy days in the field. Tim starts toward Molly before a click, since the target was in a corner, this was a give away to Molly. Tim would benefit from shortening up the game area and standing still if possible.
3rd Target: Tim is right on with his click, this would have been a good time to try for an active alert. Leaving the target on the ground, holding off on the ball till a different alert, Molly just needs to be slowed down a touch and I’m sure she will give another alert.
Molly is an amazing dog. So much energy, reminds me of River. Perhaps the ball would be better offered at the end of the game. A food treat would require less time and allow Molly and Tim to move on to the next target quicker. Seems like Molly will work regardless of reward, much like River, so an end game, like the ball, may make it easier to move along.
As for more difficulty; maybe a porch with a breeze way underneath. Target approach from the downwind side will force Molly to go around the obstacle, or, if she is like River, to dig through it. This will be good for Tim as well as he will have to allow her to back track, he will get to see more of an alert chain, which includes the heavy nose breathing that he has already noticed ( I LOVE that noise! ).