Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Alana,

Thanks for the feedback.

Trainings has been going as follows.
In yard area shown in pics we have been doing searches for targets with no visual aid for dog in all areas starting easy and then recently placing targets in the most difficult areas, up against walls in corners etc.
Have cooked scents from couple of hours to over night.
Yesterday moved back on to blind targets -didn’t seem to affect molly

Have been doing this at various times including mid day when its been hot.

Molly has found all targets fairly easily.

Noticeable difference in her hunting body language really using her nose now-can also hear her breathing through her nose rather than mouth.

Can you recommend the next few steps in relation to making the searches more difficult. I’m thinking move into the second area shown in pics. Work with targets with no visual aid then move up to blind.

Alert still needs lots of work but there is enough there to let me know when she has found something