Reply To: Week 3 Instructor’s Assignment


I am commenting on post 5402, Bev and Maah.

Maah is doing a great job with a clear passive alert in the nosing of targets. Bev would benefit from leaving the target box on the ground when opening, simulating digging for a truffle. With the “show me”, I would expect a more active alert before rewarding, with the target on the ground this will be easier to achieve.
1:31, Bev is right on with her praise on the foot cue from Maah, even if Maah didn’t do in on purpose, thats exactly what Bev will want in the field. Removing the lead should have waited until that target was cleared, or picked up.
Maah should have been allowed to continue at the 2:00 mark. I started wearing sunglasses while training, apparently I have a bad poker face. Bev gives in too early to Maah’s look, sunglasses help hide our tells. Maah needs to feel frustrated a little to continue. Maah understands the game, but like River, he is smarter than the trainer. Maah knows its in one of those things and the faster he can clear them the faster the reward.
Delaying the help will force Maah to focus a little bit more. Again, leaving the target on the ground would be more applicable toward field work.
At 2:28: This is just what Bev is looking for and does a good job of leaving the target down, rewarding on the passive and again with slightly more praise on the active (could have spruced it up, but I’m the same way, sometimes a little change is all the dog needs). With this drill I would have ended on the active and rewarded a little more, but overall it was a great drill.
The final drill is very nicely done by the team. Bev is perfect with her timing on the passive alert. If I have to say anything on this one, after the second passive alert, hold off on the reward until a more active alert is demonstrated. Although, at this point it is hard for me to tell if Maah’s final active alert will be nose or paw. Nicely done by the team, this video showed real progression.