Reply To: Jason Swindle

Alana McGee

Thank you for clarifying that last hide! I just watched it a second time through to try to hear it. That *was* my only complaint 😉

This was very good and a great example that illustrates your comments on Mary & Salu in the Instructor’s Forum. Being an accomplished team, asking for a regressed version of the alert chain is a very difficult task. You did a very nice job of demonstrating with an advanced dog here. Your video and explanation did a nice job of sharing the purpose of the lesson without asking something foreign of your dog. GREAT example of marking an initial alert and then asking for a “show me” behavior” at the source. You pick up the target after each one which is a great example to students that you practice what you preach! VERY well done. Clear, concise and to the point.

Ending with a ball is a perfect “End” cue for the team…especially for highly motivated dogs. Nice work.