Reply To: Assignments


Salu could benefit from getting the leash off during practice.
Mary may want to hold off on full praise until she is on the ground as well.
When my dog makes her mark, I’ll say good, thats her “clicker”.
When I get to the ground, I recover the target (truffle) first, so in Mary’s case, she needs to be clear with retrieving the target before offering a reward.
Once the reward is offered and the target cleared, Mary does a good job of making a clear statement to “find another one”.
Mary does of good job of keeping her body toward the game area.
The second alert is a little late. I did not hear a clicker on any of Salu’s alerts. Mary may not know yet the importance of timing and how it relates to a damaged truffle. If Salu gets 4 swipes at a real truffle, there may not be a truffle to have. That said, these were wonderful alerts and exactly what Mary wants. A little quicker with the clicker or praise and Salu should have no problem understanding which alert Mary is looking for and it can become consistent.