Reply To: Assignments


HI: I watched Mary and Salu, and went back and re-watched the older videos.
I really like Mary’s reward voice, and Salu enjoys it. I would remove the leash in this area, as it seems to be unnecessary to drag it around in the area. At 16 when Salu alerts with a paw touch, Mary says “yes good boy!” She then clicks for a down, at 20 and again clicks at 29 at 36 nose touch same box 42 clicks for nose touch and 48 for pawing box. (6 clicks for one reward) I am not sure if Salu lies down for a reward or an alert? At 16 I would have clicked for a paw, and or wait for the down, then click if this is what she wants. Then click if that is what she wanted, the down alert. Rewarded with food and praise like she did, but not click for more.
Salu stayed in a down, then she asked is there another one, is that her cue for searching? At the second search he goes out of the search area, not sure if there was a breeze or what. Salu does indicate At 1:30 Mary says is that it? Good Boy, 148 clicks for nose touch and 1:56 clicks for nose touch. My suggestion would be to try to cue Salu off leash to search, and then wait for Salu to give an alert…does she want a nose touch, paw, lie down? Or all…I would also not say anything until after the click, and reward for the alert, feeding petting, and then picking up the one he found and ask him to search again. Clicking once for the indication or indications, and rewarding would help Salu become more independent in his communication that he found it. Love their enthusiasm, and he loves her verbal praise.