Reply To: Anthony Soldato & Zucca

Alana McGee

Hey! This is much better! Ok, now we are off and running. I’d still like to see some short clips of her playing and super happy doing her favorite thing.

Yes, use chicken or other high value rewards. We are also interested in seeing what she LOVES so you can create jackpot moments when she does something awesome. Second video, 0:19 was a brilliant moment and we would encourage you to jackpot those with more than the normal reward.

We understand wanting to get it right, but this should be fun for both of you. Dogs are very forgiving and, while we want our training to be perfect, we simply aren’t perfect. Allow yourself to enjoy each session with Zucca and try to let go of the calculating thoughts. If it isn’t going well, end. If it is going well, have a party!

Generally speaking, let’s see how she does if you step back a bit and give her more room. Try to watch her without staring at her. Also, I’d like to see how she does with the clicker if you muffle it a bit. Wrap a cloth around your hand and the clicker. If she is used to verbal praise, offer some upbeat (and relaxed) genuine praise.

Training seems better with less obedience involved so stick with that for now. Well done 🙂