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Here is my first video called Truffle Imprint. I am just using a tin here. I decided not to clip it further because I wanted everyone to see the interesting thing that occurred. Wolfy is 3.5 years old and has been clicker trained since 8 weeks old. He has been trained in Foundation skills, and Rally competitive skills among many others. I have played 101 things to do with a box with him as well. A good example of be careful of what you click for. This is maybe the 11th session with him averaging 3 minutes each time.
I am using cooked liver as a reward, and a ball. (I usually do not use a ball, as he fixates on the ball, it is under the red and white pillow! he loves the ball reward.) I had previously clicked for him choosing the right tin, and he picked it up while I clicked. At one point he was just picking up tins, so I then went back to the scent tin to remind him of what I was clicking for. This seemed to help. I will also post another video after this one called 1a which shows him choosing the right boxes in plastic containers. Look forward to your comments.

Second video much shorter with plastic containers.

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