Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


First video

Thanks good points raised there.

A few questions, will try to be brief

Yes have her working on the whistle.

Using body posture intentionally – done lots of this in the fed with other dog.

Not seeing the stress in that video can you tell me where you think its occurring?

When you say in Odur do you mean she has picked up the scent? The incident near the bins she had definitely picked up the scent of something Poss a rabbit maybe next doors cat left us a present in there! See 2.01. My interpretation is that the change in direction is the start of the chain in the alert. when she come out of the bins and looks at me I should have carried on. if you look at 58 secs you can see this same behaviour which leads to an unsolicited alert. She also offers this pawing alert at 2.45

I think possibly need to trust her more she didn’t complete alert chain near bin should have moved on quicker.

Shaping Alert

Been trying for a nose touch with long term aim of a nose held on target.
Is this how to proceed; click for nose contact. when this is happening consistently try to hold click back for a second, when this is mastered leave click a bit longer.
Ok this is were it get tricky. Have just tried with food still very exciting. prob I have is she is too quick and too clever I’m miss timing clicks -she then offers the wrong behaviour for next couple of goes. In this situation she is definitely getting stressed . Have only been doing very short 5min sessions on this due to stress. The problem is I’m not able to be consistent this is leading to the dog being stressed as she is unsure of what is being asked of her. Any tips here very gratefully received!

Sorry not been very brief! Hope you can see from the videos how much we are both enjoying this.