Reply To: Assignments

Alana McGee

Great observations, Annie! Everything you said is correct.

Yes, rewarding Molly for the offered re-alert would be great practice and also build her duration for staying at source! This is a moment when we want to encourage students to be “opportunists”. Capitalize on those moments of brilliance that were unplanned.

I agree, while his click is technically a bit early, it is not a critical error. Rewarding once then and then asking for a targeting behavior at the source would be a good next step.

Each of your suggestions for progression are valid. How would you present them? Adding all of these variable at once is too much of a jump so what order would you suggest he add each of those elements? How should he introduce these new challenges so Molly will be successful? Keep in mind he is working outside and has some added complexities to deal with related to the environment.

-delaying the reward – how long and will there be an intermediate reward for initial location?
-positioning hides out of Molly’s view
-altering the direction of approach – applicable in the absence of wind.