Reply To: Welcome Hybrid Instructors!

Alana McGee

Welcome everyone! I’m glad to see all but one of our instructors-in-training here! I’ll track Elaine down 🙂

This forum is for your eyes only. It is a place for you to post questions and get feedback related to teaching the curriculum. Mainstream students cannot view this forum so please speak freely here. I suggest bookmarking this LINK so you can quickly navigate to the forums. As you can see there are three forums. The Homework Forum is for all students (and you) to post work as they move through the course material. The Discussion Forum is a place for everyone to discuss topics that come up during the class. Feel free to comment here! The Instructor’s Forum can only be seen by instructors-in-training. This is where we can discuss topics related to instruction.

Some of you have taken our classes previously, some of you are accomplished truffle dog teams, and some are working through the material for the first time. Because your roles within the classroom are slightly different, we have chosen to keep a couple of your Homework Forum topics hidden from the other students. Even though your topic may be hidden, your comments in the Discussion forum will be seen by all so we encourage you to comment there. It is only your Homework Forum topic that is hidden from mainstream students. Those of you who are visible to the entire classroom will be a great example to the students! Your Homework topic visibility is as follows.

Karen – viewable only to instructors-in-training
Jason – viewable only to instructors-in-training
Annie – viewable to all
Elaine – viewable to all
Bev – viewable to all
Gwen – viewable to all