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I know I should have posted my comments within 24 hours, so I apologize for being so late! I didn’t read your comments on Tim’s thread–I just watched the video. I promise!

I thought this exercise went really well. I love Molly’s enthusiasm and drive. I love how she looks to Tim for guidance, but is able to work confidently and independently when searching. My lack of nosework experience is really going to show here since I don’t have a lot to advise. But here are the thoughts and tips I did come up with:

At about 0:28, Tim has finished rewarding Molly for finding the correct box, and Molly goes back to the box and re-alerts. I would suggest rewarding her for re-alerting, even if only verbally. And in his defense, he may have done that after cuing the camera man to “cut.”

At around 0:53, Tim correctly (in my opinion) remarks that he clicked a little early. I wouldn’t worry too much about that–at least he clicked when her nose was over the target. But I would recommend asking Molly to re-alert when she comes back to the target with Tim. Just to reinforce that she needs to be at (and remain at) the source and alert to have the final reward delivered.

I think Molly is at a point where the delivery of the reward can be postponed long enough to have the truffle target in hand before delivering the reward. Even extracting it from the box or container.

I think the repetition in the wind was good, but I get the impression that Molly could see where the target was located. We don’t know if Tim is mixing up the target location where Molly can watch him, but if so, then I think she is ready to be out of sight when he hides the targets. Mixing up the direction of approach may also change things up a little.

That’s what I can come up with! Now I’ll read your comments and see what I missed!

Thanks Kristin and Alana!