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Here’s Mo working on some simple box finds.

A brief background, which I can elaborate on if necessary. Mo is a very young German wirehaired pointer, and my expectations of us in this course are tempered due to his youth and our limited time working together.

We live in northern Minnesota, in a region where extremely little is known of the native truffles. I do hope later this year to identify some areas to hunt native truffles, particularly pecan truffles, but at this time I’m working with Mo on black trumpets–which I do know how and where to find in my area. This summer I plan to put him on trumpets in the field, and they probably will be Mo’s only fungal target this year.

I am also planning to hunt upland birds with Mo, but I am more passionate about mushroom hunting than bird hunting!

As for this video, Mo does seem to be hitting on the scent but at times he checks with me whenever he passes a box. I’m trying to be mindful not to cue him, but in trying to reward him for interest and proximity I might be doing so.

Second, often Mo initially signals his interest in the correct box by stopping and looking to me. After his initial reward, he frequently paws the box. I’ve been rewarding this as well and wonder if or when I should withold rewards until he marks with a paw.


P.S. Sooner or later someone will probably ask about my cue that we’re on a mushroom hunt, “houby.” This is simply the plural of the Czech word “houba,” or mushroom. Mo’s heritage may be mostly German, but mine is mostly Czech!

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