Reply To: Karen Drummond & Haggis


Hi Kristin

I have read your comments and agree with them. I think Mary is doing a great job. These are areas that l saw:
O:45 Mary asks Salu to come away from the sample Straightening the lead applying a small amount of tension. Did some great self analysis of the situation and picked Up the sample. Would suggest a reward for the behaviour Salu offered and then pick up the sample, however Mary self corrected herself at 2:35 and did exactly this. Great work.

2:49 Great search by Mary and Salu. Salu walked straight to the end box, as per previous repetitions, but the sample hadn’t been placed there, Mary was following him and faltered at the second box, she self corrected (brilliant) and carried on walking to the last box turned past it and walked back down the line where Salu located the sample. this was great leash skills by Mary.

3:43 Salu goes straight to the sample without checking in with Mary first… he’s got it.

At 4:20 Mary pats SaLu where he pulls back, so would Summlse that it isn’t a high value reward in this situation.

Brilliant work by Mary and Salu.