Reply To: Elaine Booker & Dorie

Alana McGee

Odd it doesn’t Embed- Kristin may have to help with trouble shooting that, but we can see it by clicking the link above.

She does know odor and reward. She knows this game!. Very quick, precise touches I might add! Looks good. The one thing we have mentioned on other threads is well, is delivery of reward at source. Part of the reasoning is for association, the other reasoning is when actually truffle hunting it is incredibly value to have the dogs nose at source and remain at source. Not all truffles are shallow and easy to access, so this becomes a very valuable skill later in the field. Being able to have a re-alert with a nose touch is also very helpful.

Think of avalanche detection. Odor does not move uniformly through snow, nor the soil. Our dogs are our tools to indicate where the truffle is. Sometimes the dog will alert where the odor is coming out of the ground but that is not where the truffle is actually located, so we have to dig down, and ask the dog to reassess the situation and tell us which direction we should dig in.

Dorie does a very nice job with an unsolicited re-alert. Think about adding a cue on this and what you would like that cue to be. Great timing.

That is a very nice ending cue as well, assuming that what you were doing there yes?

Well done. Since she is familiar with NW this beginning games should come pretty naturally. Well done.