Reply To: Gwen Matear & Millie

Alana McGee

Hi Gwen.
We’ll answer and respond to the videos one at a time to keep things tidy on your thread.

The Following is in response to video “Millie Part 1”

The video looks good, you and the husband are doing great with the video. It is just fine.

The one thing right off the bat to just be mindful of is delivering reward at source, even in these foundational touching/ imprinting exercises. We want the association between odor and reward to be linked in the spatial sense. Love the tail!

Also around 0:27 hold the target a bit lower, if possible for you, so Millie isn’t having to jump up to touch it. It will help with her precision as well.

You do a good job of rewarding at source when you put the tin on the ground. She does a nice job of circling back and your timing on that set of passes at 0:56 is spot on. At 1:04 still try to deliver reward at source. 1:116 good Millie, good timing on clicks, and great delivery at source.

You have a very nice enthusiasm that is well matched for Millie as well during this set up. Good job!