Reply To: Anthony Soldato & Zucca


Apologies for the late submission, just figuring out the YouTube upload action.

Zucca did okay today (C- level). I think she has the imprinting down because she knows and recognizes the scent. During our first session (outdoors), she was NOT at all interested in training due to heat. Our yard was not full of distractions but it was not a fun session so I ended it after only one hide session. I also had her on the leash and she really did not enjoy that because she has been frustrated with her leash recently due to the heat and perhaps longer walks in the warmer weather. She also has been doing hide-and-seek with no leash for several months.

For the second and third sessions, I moved to the cooler basement although I realized that she does not like certain portions of the basement because she gets hosed off down there and doesn’t enjoy the water spray. So, she was a bit distracted by the environment.

As for the video, I posted our best session. I realize there is ton of improvement needed but I wanted you guys to take a look and know where she is at. Also, please let me know if I should be using a leash on these exercises, bearing in mind that she scampers under the bed when we pull out the leash nowadays. Does Zucca sound high maintenance? 🙂