Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Thanks for feedback,

I’ve used long lines quite a bit in the past mostly for basic training getting the dog ready to be off the lead. Ie when I first got Molly I spent about 6 weeks training her on a long line until I was happy I had a strong enough connection with the dog to make a few basics command 100% reliable. I’ve also used the long line to create a quartering pattern for flushing game.

I love watching spaniels work its all about that moment when they pick up the scent change direction and accelerate. I’ll have to post a video of my other dog Meg she makes Molly look slow !

Might have to get some new truffle not sure how long they’ve been in the freezer.

What lesson am I working on? Good question-I’m not really sure. I’ve only spent about an hour training with Molly (in ten minute blocks) I am 100% she can find and alert on the truffle no matter what box scenario is used without me having to help out. So I think I need to make it a bit harder so she has to really use her nose to find the scent, so this could be using blind targets in a larger area. She has plenty of drive and will not get discouraged if she doesn’t find something quickly. Not sure where this fits in with the lesson structure.

What would you recommend to work on with the alert? At the moment she will paw a box or try to pick up one of the little tins. I’m happy with either as I think eventually she will end up pawing at the ground as the truffle won’t be in a little tin!

I’ll have a look at week 2 re the environmental factors. Are there some other set and scenarios to try out?