Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly

Alana McGee

I like your introduction Tim.

What an enthusiastic worker she is!

GREAT improvement on your truffle party at the source. Look at that tail go. Good job. By staying at the source for the entire reward sequence, as Kristin mentioned in the previous video, you are also building value in that location. It is also fabulous that she after you release your touch on her, she goes right back to source. That should also be encouraged and rewarded. We love and encourage dogs who are pushy in this regard. It will make you life much easier on the orchard later.

Thank you for clarifying the switch in lead.

If you need suggestions on harnesses to use, we can provide a few that we like and use for our dogs and recommend to students which are available online, but for now any harness will do.

*The important thing for a harness down the line is fit. You don’t want it to be cutting into the neck via the chest strap, nor too close behind the elbows and rubbing/ restricting movement. We tend to prefer the K9 Julius type working harnesses and it is what our dogs wear in the field and on orchards.

Working with a long line is also great, and for working on the orchard getting used to how to handle longer lines without applying pressure on the dog, or getting tangled will take some time, but it is a very valuable skill. You do a good job not applying pressure on the line.

0:52- Wow. Watch this part of the video again. See what she did there. When she hits the scent column there is no question she is on odor.

Your timing on your click for the one you thought was early (0:54) was actually ok. The click wash at the moment it appears that she was at odor. Your mechanics were spot on, and she responded beautifully by coming back to the source where you were. THATS where the party was, and she wanted to be a part of it. Even though she moved past and checked the next box nearby she came back to odor. Notice your body orientation on this hide and how she approaches you when she comes back. I also like how on your way out she is checking the other visual targets (boxes). Eager worker!

You have a very nice & clear start cue.

Good job rewarding/ praise at source at the 1:58 mark.

2:07- GOOD. Do notice the wind. It makes a big difference in how dogs work and eventually how you will approach searching on the orchard. Good for you for realizing the eddies that form at the back of the buildings where the cross wind can come through and make it harder for Molly & you to detect the truffle scent. This was a good choice.

She is a keen working dog! Love it.

What lesson are you currently working on Tim, just so we can offer a bit more advice without giving you too much at once on continuing things to try in terms of scenarios to run and set ups.