Reply To: Karen Drummond & Haggis


This is a video of Haggis and scenting the truffle. I have been training him on the scent in small sessions since about 14 weeks so he is familiar with searching for this. As he is so fast with his movements I haven’t been able to put containers down for him to search as they all get knocked over so I will be buying some cinder blocks so I can put the scent in them and they don’t get thrown about.

I have truffle in a round tea strainer with a chain in my hand. After he has done this a few times I put the strainer around my body so he can start searching for the scent. I hold my hand out in the same position as when I was holding the tea strainer to show he is working for the scent rather than just touching the hand.

I haven’t carried out any harness work at present as I haven’t trained him to stand for the harness, but that will be on the cards when I get back from Australia. Apologies for this being rushed.