Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly

Alana McGee

Training outside will be just fine for you and Molly. Just create an environment as free of distractions as possible. Be very mindful of wind and other environmental factors. Molly is keen to work on the truffle scent so we don’t see it as a big problem. If you need an indoor space, do you have a garage available?

Since she is that sensitive to a change in tension on the leash, we recommend you move to a harness as soon as possible. Her equipment should be something she is allowed to pull on. You will be able to work her off leash, but for now, let’s get her accustomed to a harness so you have the option to work on or off leash later. Since you are outside, we recommend having her on lead for awhile since the working space is not restricted as it would be inside.