Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu


Hi everyone – I’ll be working with my boy Salu who is a 13 mth. old Lagotto Romagnolo. We spent his first 12 months taking lots of puppy classes and getting him his TDI certification. Now we’re ready to have fun. I have used clicker training with Salu so he knows the clicker means fun stuff is coming.
My other Lagotto, Lola, took this class about a year and a half ago and we LOVED it! We don’t have truffles here (Columbus, OH) but she still loves finding scents buried in the back yard.
I have 3 other dogs who are rescues, Emmet (Border Terrier), Chelsea (Cairn Terrier) and Ginger (poodle mix). They are all 16 y/o and enjoy relaxing in the house and around the yard.

Someday I would love to head down south and try our hand at some pecan truffles. We are so excited to take this class!