Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Kristin, Alana,

I have not worked Molly a huge amount, my main focus has been to establish a connection between myself and the dog so we are working together and not Molly heading off on her own into the wilderness on the trail of something stinky!
What I have done is try to harness her natural instinct to hunt so she is quartering the ground in front of me and when she flushes game we are looking for a sit. We are not at the stage where I would be 100% happy with putting her in deep cover for any length of time.
She has done a bit of directional work where send her out and handle her into an area where she can hunt for a retrieve.
She is usually a very quick learner.

Okay back to truffles. Firstly something I should have mentioned before I posted the video It is not going to be practical for me to train indoors. My house is very small with two little kids and my dogs are very excitable! The house is a place where I’ve always insisted the dogs are calm. I don’t see this as an issue as when they are working they are always very focused. If you think this may be an issue let me know.

Thanks for the video feedback. The incident you picked up on with Molly on the first run – I’d not got the clicker in my hand and as I rummaged around in my pocket the pressure on the leash changed, Kristin you are right she is a sensitive dog.

A couple of questions ; I am using frozen truffle as scent, how long is it usable for? Secondly you picked up on the lead I’m using, do I need to have her on a lead? I’m more than happy to work her without………but I’m not a dog trainer!
Video post with multiple boxes coming soon…….