Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly

Alana McGee

Welcome Tim.

Lincolnshire is a beautiful place! This will be lots of fun for you all we hope.

We are very excited to see you & Molly work together. Kristin and I will take a look at the video Monday, but from your brief description, fabulous.

You’ll find that there is a lot of cross over in the early stages of training between gun dog training for fowl and truffle hunting. Differences to be sure, and techniques to follow that will be helpful in the long run, but Molly already being obedient to an odor (even if it is not truffle odor) will be an advantage in your foundational training.

Are you currently working Molly as a retriever or flushing/beating/pointer? It likely will become evident in the video, but any background you can provide on her & your previous hunt training (including your experience with your older dog) will be helpful to us in providing suggestions and alternative to regimes you may already be familiar with. The more we know about you & your current working style, the better we will be able to adjust facets of the program to fit your needs!

We are excited to see more and work with you through the program.

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