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Alana McGee

TDC Instructor:

Hi Lois.

Monza is still a cutie shaved! Kristin is also used to seeing Lolo in various states of curl for similar reasons…

The fact that it took you time to get to the source very much mimics real world application. Real truffle extraction takes quite a bit longer than even this most times, but we LOVE seeing Monza stay at location while you make your way over to her and then offer you the nose targets. “Here!, It’s HERE mom…” excellent timing, and mechanics on your part. Also fabulous to see Monza go over the obstacle. Confidence 🙂

It is great you (and She) are comfortable working at a distance. Just keep in mind that when she does offer alerts like that in the field, ideally you wouldn’t be too much further than you were away as it does take time to get to the location of the alert. Play with distance from her and see if this is a good fit for you both.

This is great Lois. Good sized rooms too! Do practice in the smaller rooms you mentioned as well, and if you have a chance, allow the target to cook for multiple hours. I think it would be interesting to have you work on pooling odor in these scenarios.

How long are you cooking the hides for now?