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Alana McGee


OK, I understand the delayed reward. I didn’t practice the delayed reward on purpose, but managed to be late getting to Monza
1st hide was under the mesh part of a life vest.
2nd hide is behind saw horse leg. As I started to transport away, I lost connection and decided to drop the box so we could re-engage. She sits, so I ask her “where did it go?” and she finds it.
3rd is under the edge of a rag.
She was on her A game. I need to remember to let her work the room 1st next time. She keeps going 2nd and I want to make sure she’s not somehow using Speed’s scent. Not sure that’s logical. It may affect Speed more than Monza when I swap the order. Besides the delayed reward, I will move to other rooms this week. Is there anything else I should watch for, be aware of as I move rooms? Should I use a smaller tin?

I’m happy to see her alert is still a down/chin touch without a box!

Thanks! I’ll post again mid-week. I’m likely out of town next weekend as well.