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Alana McGee


I agree I wouldn’t be out in 25 mph winds either concerned about falling branches. I almost posted “why would I be out there?” but didn’t want to be whimp. LOL

As for tethering, also agree, it would be best to work 1 dog at a time and switch dogs at the car, which they’re used to for tracking. I don’t know why I dreamed up the tethering scenario. I just always go to the woods with both of them!

The habitat I’ve seen for wild truffles is very forested, very wet, and thick leaf litter. I saw the Blackberry Farm orchard ~4 years ago and forgot about it being grassy/open. I’m surprised I didn’t remember that, but I’m thinking more about ‘the wild’ and not commercial orchards because the likelihood of being invited to the 2 orchards I know of are slim. BUT, with time and proper networking, who knows. We need a lot more work 1st and foremost.

Here is this morning’s training session. I’ve been adding ‘stuff’ to the room and this morning, I switched to a different container. She bee-lined to the 1st hide. 2nd hide took longer which I find interesting. Speed goes 1st and he found the 2nd hide immediately. I mention that so you know another dog worked the hide in that location, I pick it up, put Speed in his crate, reset hide/start camera, go get Monza. Don’t know if that movement changes the scent scene.

Clearly describe your current alert and your desired alert: My current alert is a nose touch, combined with a chin touch/bow/down. My desired alert is nose touch with a paw touch – not digging.

In today’s session I decided to video with camera and GoPro, wondering which might be better with this much clutter. Two comments about video:

1st hide, My initial verbal response is a rather loud/high pitched sound and it startled Monza a little, I need to tone it down, I find my voice so annoying on these videos. I just need to take the edge off. LOL

At 1:56 I added a clip from the GoPro so you can see me rewarding at source. I got a couple nice paw touches (almost a slap) and I was thinking “oh yeahhh, THAT’S what I want!” I’d love to have THAT, as if to say “It’s right HERE!…slap” I am confident that the bow/down/chin touch will fad out when containers are not present and when we’re in the woods. I’d love for my final alert to be a nose touch/paw slap. However, once in the dirt, she may naturally scratch at surface and I will have to be REALLY careful about marking too quickly and accidentally marking scratching vs a paw slap. I would have waited for/rewarded a couple more paw touches, but I was running out of treats. Also want to add, she’s so dang thoughtful/cute when she reorients her position so she is facing me.

I look forward to your comments about our alert. I will move to a setup in the garage this week.

Thanks Alana and Kristin!!