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Alana McGee

TDC Instructor:

Hi Lois.

You are now working with frozen truffles as opposed to fresh. They will share the same VOCs, but not ‘exactly’. So my question to you is prior to the scenario you describe where you were surprised by the amount of time it took monza to find it, had you done any review such as an easy touch/ imprinting game?

If not, I would suggest you do that prior to setting up new scenarios so she is familiar with source odor.

This video was great. I actually love to see Monza checking out the saw horses. She is very dedicated to finding the source and is checking other possible locations and making inferences based on previous experience in her attempts to pick up odor. That’s not a bad thing! She is narrowing criteria for success before she offers an alert. Don’t know if you noticed but she also checked the kayak. Love that she is exploring boundaries for odor.

As for the spinning in circles near the odor, her own movement previously could have spread the odor, but it dissipates and so she is trying to pinpoint direction of origin.

I love that we can hear her inhaling. She works very hard for you! When she is sure, she is confident however, and that is good to see! I think you made an excellent choice in regards to additional rewarding.

In the 2nd one where she is found it in the basket rather quickly, notice that she doesn’t offer you the full alert you have been using. It is an identifiable alert, and great response to it and improvisation on the game of sliding for more pinpoint accuracy, but I just wanted to point it out in case you are building towards a down/ nose target.

You guys are doing great! Keep it up! I would even encourage you to spread out the boxes/ clutter more so she is covering more space. The 1st scenario was great where she had to really search to find it. We completely understand the tension you must feel, and if it had gone on too much longer and you read Monza as being in distress you would want to offer encouragement and/or success, but she pushed through what was a more difficult hide. You are doing an excellent job of reading Monza and responding to her.