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Alana McGee


I left the room with the same boxes/clutter out as last week’s training.

This is our 2nd and 3rd session with adding a cue. She was very efficient in the 1st session so I’m leaving it out of video.

In the 2nd session (in video) I was quite surprised at how inefficient Monza was and I’m not able to pinpoint why. I worked my other dog 1st and he did quite well. I set the hot box back down in the same location. It’s interesting that she checks out the saw horses. We used those for hides in our NW class months ago and it’s as if she remembers. At one point it’s as if she gets caught in a scent swirl, almost spinning near the source. That search took so long I started feeling anxious at ~30 secs. I was starting to worry she was going to just give up and be disappointed. After she found it, I decided to some addition rewarding at source to reinforce the scent. Today was the 1st time we used frozen truffles. They sat out for ~15 minutes.

3rd session I place scent box under a basket in the same area as the 2nd session and she had an easy time. Sliding the tin around was another spontaneous idea. It was an ‘in the moment’ fun thing to do. Watching the video, I wished I had not said the cue so frequently. It wasn’t necessary.

In both sessions, I’m still not smooth with my ending transition. I will work on that.