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Alana McGee


I had a case of the giggles when you asked about me whispering in the 1st session. Monza and I did Silvia Trkman’s puppy foundation class where Silvia encourages more talking/praise, etc. I worked very hard to be less animated for my KPA assessment where cues had to be very concise/behaviors under stimulus control, etc. and I had to learn to be very still/quiet around chickens! Same for Noseworks/Tracking – I had a tracking judge tell me I was too enthusiastic….long story.

When you mentioned opening the box and engaging with the dog, my ol’ self came back out in the 2nd training session.

I very much appreciate the encouragement to talk enthusiastically. It makes complete sense for working in the field. In our 2 experiences in the field, I wondered about the scenarios that you are now touching upon – do I reward when the dog indicates or only when the truffle hasn’t been located? If delaying reward how do I not lose the dog’s interest, yet not reward for a false indication.

I can see things will come together in these classes. We’ll post again Friday or Saturday.