Reply To: Laurie Mathews

Alana McGee

Forwarded Response:

Hi Laurie!

You are doing a great job of working with Rudy on the leash. We like that the session is simple and sets you and Rudy up for success! Well done with your verbal marker at source. Although you are close to the source, try to reward AT the source of the truffle scent. Can you get down closer to the source so you are not pulling the dog away from it? In the first hide, you are drawing Rudy’s nose up high at your side to deliver the reward. We would like to see the reward happening AT the source…down at the container. Then go ahead and pick up the container so it is removed from the game.

0:26 is an example of why we want you to pick up the container. We want to avoid pulling the dog away from odor or, in this case, allowing them to leave it. It is best if you can pick up the hot target and walk away with it. Part of the truffle hunt is acquiring the truffle 🙂 If your setup doesn’t allow you to pick it up, you can lure Rudy away with a treat while still in reward mode.

So to recap, continue marking the find but get down at the source to deliver the reward. If Rudy comes toward you before you get to the target, that is fine. Keep your intention on the target he located and allow him to re-locate it for you. Reward at the source and then pick it up and reward more. THEN you can leave.

Keep it up. Just some simple adjustments to make that will make things a lot clearer for Rudy.