Reply To: Paula Wilson

Alana McGee

Forwarded Response:

On Brielle’s video:

GREAT job rewarding at source! We really like how she continues to check. Excellent work picking UP the target after she has found it.

This was great. What we would suggest you do if possible, is does that second yellow box open? If so after your initial reward open the box up and see if you have have her nose target inside the box. Thus extending and building in delay in the reward but also teaching that the behavior isn’t finished until we have truffle in hand!

Notice how after the second hide Brielle is cueing off of you. Just something to notice. Watch that bit of video of again and notice Brielle’s body positioning in terms of the way you are facing (judging based on your legs here!). Once she hits the odor column she does a nice job.

Looks good though Paula!