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Thanks Alana!
I’m still working on my clicker timing I swear it looks so easy but I think I must be really uncoordinated, Ha! I LOVE watching the video after your comments it is seeing in a whole new way. I write down all the times and what to look for then watch. Its really fascinating to learn this way.
Body posture: So right! I was aware of that little move- it is new for me, I need to adjust my own habit to hers…I’m learning (i suspect) when she is engaged with a task she wants to concentrate and doesn’t like the distraction of me petting her.
A normal pattern we when she comes in from outside-always comes and leans on me for the “good potty petting” and relishes it. Looks like it just doesn’t work here!
Tail: very cool! Is this a common thing?
Alert: Already working on that tap, as is her natural. If I wait to treat that is what she does next. A bark would be neat. Tap seems like an easy alert to miss in field but I’ve never seen a dog truffle hunt before. I’m so excited to learn and be here thank you.