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Alana McGee

Hi Lorie

Sorry for the delay! I’ll go through each video:

Charging the marker:
Your charging the Marker looks great. It is clear that Fanny knows what this means! Remember you can do this at any time of day too, even when just sitting around on the couch!

Scent impression:
This looks pretty good. The one thing I would say is watch this again and look at the timing of your click. It’s a bit tricky at this stage, but you want the click to be right as Fanny’s nose is touching the target, not after. Otherwise you are marking her pulling away from the Target. It’s technical and specific, and I think Fanny has already generalized, but we wanted you to be aware.

Love that tail of hers!!!

3rd video:
You are correct on the rewarding at source- good catch on that. Being at source also allows you to draw out and lengthen the reward sequence. Self analysis is an incredibly valuable tool. The other thing we would recommend is try to only give the cue/ command “shroom on” once or twice if you see her looking to you for direction. When we say cues over and over again they can lose their value and just become noise. Not critical right this second, but do try to be aware of your verbalizations. Doesn’t mean you have to be silent, but use the cue “Shroom on” for a very specific start to your session or like at 0:12 when she looks to you for direction.

GREAT timing on your click at 0:21. Fanny is great and very wiggly!

You guys look like you are off to a great start and doing a good job!