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This is from our class in 2014. I had watched a video of another dog where Kristin/Alana had talked about opening the box as well as transporting the dog away from the source. Here is a composite: 1st session morning was before watching a different dog’s video and then we did a short session this evening after watching the commentary on the other dog (his name was Vidoc) attempting to incorporate some concepts mentioned: open box, transport dog. Hopefully that was okay for me to try.

A few things:
? Monza thinks boxes are props and will do a chin target and she also loves to bow
? This morning, we started with only 1 box to re-introduce her to concept of the scent is in a box (not in video)
? I had a few uncoordinated click/treat/move or remove box, but it doesn’t affect Monza. I’m rusty working with boxes! I saw a couple times where I move treat hand before clicking….
? When you watch the segment titled “after watching Vidoc commentary” you will see Monza go over to a shelf. There is a bag of treats over there and it’s also where I placed the hot box after I worked my other dog, Speed, but she gets back to work.

This felt a little sloppy trying to open box, put scent tin back in box, close it, and transport dog, but awkward videos lend themselves to valuable feedback! It was also a bit of a stretch for Monza. You can see her check all the boxes in the 1st segment, and start to offer a chin target or bow because she thinks it’s a prop, but she keeps moving as she thinks hard about this being a scent game and not about tricks with props. At least that’s my impression.

At this point I think I can fade the clicker and use a verbal marker. I think she needs a couple more sessions with this same setup until she’s a little more efficient and I settle down. 🙂

Thanks Alana and Kristin!